About the program

FireARMED provides comprehensive handgun training to participants wishing to develop technical and tactical proficiency in self-defense and third-party protection scenarios. The program goes beyond marksmanship to ensure participants have a thorough understanding of how to carry and deploy a firearm, how to acquire targets, how to fight, and the legal implications surrounding gun ownership.*

The program consists of 6, 3-hour training sessions. Participants will be expected to complete curricula between session to further their learning. You can sign up for one or all sessions.

April 22, 9am-4pm: Drawing the weapon under stress
May 13, 9am-4pm: Striking with a gun on your person
June 17, 9am-4pm: Deterrence, Coordinating with Emergency Response, Threat Recognition, Third Party Defense

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Who should take this training?

  • Those wishing to improve and better contextualize their self-defense training.
  • Those who want to better understand the responsibilities of being an armed citizen
  • Those with a concealed carry permit or are considering one

Program Cost

$60 per individual session

$15 SIRT gun rental fee per session

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(202) 340-7790

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* We are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. All legal education is from a general, layman's study for the purposes of education, not advisement.