Package Prices

We offer extremely competitive rates for our classes and do everything possible to remain as accessible to the community as possible. If you have any questions about the costs, classes, or schedule, please feel free to contact us.

Trial & Drop-in

Drop in: $25

Trial: 2 for $30

Class Packs

5 Classes: $115

10 Classes: $200

Unlimited Memberships

12 Month Unlimited Membership:$160/Mo

6 Month Unlimited Membership: $170/Mo

1 Month Unlimited Membership: $180/Mo

Morning Only Unlimited Membership $120/Mo

Private Trainings

Private Training (1 Hour): $100

Private Training (1/2 Hour): $60

5 Training Sessions (1/2 Hour Each): $275

10 Training Sessions (1/2 Hour Each): $500

5 Training Sessions (1 Hour Each): $450

10 Training Sessions(1 Hour Each):$800

Terms of Unlimited Contracts

The 1 month, 6 month, and 12 month unlimited packages provide students with access to any and all classes at their level. Contracts are put on an autopay system that allows students to register for classes in upcoming months within their contract. If a contract is broken, the student is expected to pay the difference between their package and the 1 month rate for the months they honored the contract. If you cancel a class within 12 hours of the start time of the class, you will be charged a $15 late cancel fee. 


We offer a 10% discount for students and members of the military.
Email to apply this discount to your account.

Try any 3 morning classes at N-Flux. Free.


Boxing. Kickboxing. Self-Defense. No-Gi Grappling. Yoga.

Fill out the form below to try out any three of N-Flux's morning class offerings.
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How do I sign up for the 2 classes for $30 Trial Package?

  • From the "Schedule" page on our website...
  • Click "sign up now" next to the FIRST class you would like to take
  • Create a MindBody Account
  • Select "2 for 30 trial"
  • Make a reservation
  • You will have another credit available for the next time you want to take a class.

What classes can I sign up for?

If you are new, please sign up for one of the following classes:

  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing HBX
  • Urban Ninja Training
  • Krav Maga Foundations (please notice you MUST take the FREE "new student intro" course prior to your first foundations class)
  • No-Gi Grappling
  • Boxing Fundamentals

What is the "New Student Intro?"

The New Student Intro is an active class providing an introduction to the fundamental movements you’ll be using in Krav Maga Foundations. This class is FREE and does NOT count towards your two class pass. Come in comfortable attire ready to work out. You can take this class anytime prior to your first Krav Maga Foundations course.

Questions? Email us at or call us at (202) 596-5240

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