Training matters. In a world where gun violence runs rampant, it is important for citizens to prepare themselves to best protect themselves and others in an active killer situation. The Active Killer Defense program teaches participants how to incapacitate an armed attacker - whether they have a knife, handgun, or assault style weapon. We’ll cover disarmaments, takedowns, first aid response for victims, and how to handle a variety of realistic scenarios.

The 6-hour-training is offered once a month at N-Flux and is offered for FREE for any teacher. Educators, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page for your free registration.

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Upcoming Training Dates

Date/Time:  May 19, 9am-4pm
Location:  N-Flux (1215 Connecticut Ave NW 4th Floor)
Cost:  $150

Having trouble registering? Email Colleen at cdaly@staynflux.com for assistance!


I would like to attend the Active Killer Defense Training on June 9.