Who We Are

N-Flux is fitness that matters. 

We are a community that meaningfully engages with the world. We train here to "get out there."

We believe that fitness is not defined by the number on the scale, inches around your waist, or your BMI.

Fitness is about what you can do — for yourself and in the service of others.

What We Do

Traverse our environment efficiently
Maintain full range of motion throughout our bodies
Lift heavy objects safely
Defend ourselves and our loved ones



Chris Torres is the owner and master trainer at N-Flux. Chris has 14 years experience teaching martial arts and has taught hundreds of students over the course of his career. He earned his Krav Maga black belt in 2005. Chris studied Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and other combat sports in an effort to become more well-rounded in the field and became the 2011 World Kickboxing Association Lightweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) World Champion. Chris views fitness as a necessary component for thriving in your environment and strives to create atmospheres that encourage perpetual development. Chris believes firmly that Neil deGrasse Tyson is a national treasure and American hero.


Colleen Daly is the Director of Operations & Marketing at N-Flux. Colleen is a Fit To Fight certified instructor and green belt. She competes in Jiu Jitsu and is training for her first MMA tournament. Colleen believes in making fitness inclusive and wholistically formative. She conducted research with Renee Engeln in the Body and Media Lab at Northwestern University on how body disparaging language affects the psychological well-being of fitness participants. As such, she is dedicated to integrating functional and positive language into her practice. Colleen is a die-hard Tar Heel and can be found picking fights with Duke fans across DC.



If you cannot see the schedule on your device, please click here. 
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If you are new, please select from the following classes:

  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing/Urban Ninja Training
  • Urban Ninja Training
  • Krav Maga Foundations (please notice you MUST take the FREE "new student intro" course prior to your first foundations class)
  • Intro to Grappling: From the Ground Up
  • Boxing Fundamentals

How do I sign up for the 2 for $30 Trial?

  • From the "Schedule" page on our website...
  • Click "sign up now" next to the FIRST class you would like to take
  • Create a MindBody Account
  • Select "2 for 30 trial"
  • Make a reservation
  • You will have another credit available for the next time you want to take a class.


Class Descriptions

Boxing Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of boxing through technical instruction on the fundamentals of striking. The class lays the foundation for advanced SPARology courses.
Prerequisites: None
Krav Maga
Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand system for the Israeli Defense Forces and over 200 US Law Enforcement agencies. Students in our program will learn all aspects of self-defense and fighting, including pre-emption, clinch, striking, ground-fighting, emotional toughness development and more.
Prerequisites: Krav Maga Foundations is our primary course and must be completed prior to testing into higher levels. You must take the New Student Intro Course prior to enrolling in Krav Foundations.
No Gi Grappling
Building on the foundation of the From The Ground Up class, this class uses the best of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling and Judo to develop our ability to reverse positions and submit our opponent or attacker as well as get to our feet.
Learn to work with partners, in clinch range, using Muay Thai and Wrestling before you progress to Boxing & Kickboxing ranges. This sparring class is designed for any adult looking to get in great shape while learning valuable skills in a safe and fun environment.
Prerequisites: Kickboxing HBX
Kickboxing HBX (Heavy Bag Express)
Heavy bag fitness integrates technical instruction on the fundamentals of striking and high intensity strength and conditioning for a high energy workout. The class is challenging for all fitness levels and lays the foundation for advanced SPARology courses.
Urban Ninja Training
Urban Ninja Training helps you learn the foundational movements essential to various movement disciplines like parkour, calisthenics, weightlifting and self defense.
Utilize the best of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar and Budokon yoga practices. Focus on developing strength, balance, flexibility, breath control and efficient movement mechanics in the most foundational movements in human activity. This class is for beginners who want to learn to be more efficient movers and experienced practitioners who want to revisit and enhance foundational movements that are key in developing competency in more advanced postures.
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Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us with any comments, questions, or inquiries.  If you’re interested in learning more about your place here, shoot us a message, give us a call at (202) 340-7790, or consider a $30 two class introductory pack.

Have you read our FAQs? 

Contact Us

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We are located at 1215 Connecticut Avenue Northwest in DuPont Circle right off the DuPont Circle Metro. Take the elevator to the 4th floor labeled "Jordin's Paradise."



How do I sign up for the 2 for $30 Trial?

For full instructions, click here!

Visit the "Schedule" page on our website

Click "sign up now" next to the FIRST class you would like to take

Create a MindBody Account

Select "2 for 30 trial"

Make a reservation

You will have another credit available for the next time you want to take a class.


How much do classes cost?

We offer extremely competitive rates for our classes. If you have any questions about the costs, classes, or schedule, please feel free to contact us.

Drop in: $25

Trial: 2 for $30

5 Classes: $115

10 Classes: $200

12 Month Unlimited Membership:$160/Mo

6 Month Unlimited Membership: $170/Mo

1 Month Unlimited Membership: $180/Mo

Private Training (1 Hour): $100

Private Training (1/2 Hour): $60

5 Training Sessions (1/2 Hour Each): $275

10 Training Sessions (1/2 Hour Each): $500

5 Training Sessions (1 Hour Each): $450

10 Training Sessions(1 Hour Each):$800


Do I need to have experience?

No - Stay N-Flux welcomes participants of all fitness levels and fighting experience. It’s our job to meet you where you are and continue challenging you as you progress.

If you are new, please select from the following classes:

Boxing Fundamentals


Kickboxing HBX

Krav Maga Foundations (please note you MUST take the free "New Student Intro" course prior to your first Krav Course.

No-Gi Grappling

Urban Ninja Training


What is the "New Student Intro" Class?

The New Student Intro is an active class providing an introduction to the fundamental movements you’ll be using in Krav Maga Foundations. This class is FREE and does NOT count towards your two class pass. Come in comfortable attire ready to work out. You can take this class anytime prior to your first Krav Maga Foundations course.


What should I bring?

Please bring a water bottle and towel. For first-timers and heavy-bag fitness participants gloves and other necessary equipment is provided on site. 

Shoes are only permitted on hardwood floors. For sparring and Jiu jitsu classes, shoes are not permitted on the mats.


How early should I arrive before class?

If it’s your first time, try to come to class at least 5 minutes in advance. Our staff will quickly go through your paperwork and provide a brief introduction to the class and the space.

If you are attending a Krav Foundations class for the first time, please sign up for the "New Student Intro" course, starting 30 minutes prior to your first class.


Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

Jewelry cannot be worn during classes for your safety and that of others.

We do not have locker space, so please be careful with valuables as Stay N-Flux cannot be held liable for any property loss or damage.


Can I have a tour of the studio?

Because we are only open during class hours and because all of our instructors teach during that time, we are unable to accommodate tours. We encourage you to jump right in with our two class trial pack. 


Do you have locker rooms and showers?

We have changing rooms on-site at N-Flux. We also have an agreement with Washington Sports Club (next door to N-Flux) for our members to use their facilities (including showers) at a significantly discounted rate. If you are interested in locking down this rate, please email Colleen at


If I didn’t sign up for a class, can I just show up? If a class is full, is there a waitlist?

Please sign up for every class you take. You can sign up anytime using our website or the Stay N-Flux app.

We do not have a waitlist. Things get messy. Check the schedule periodically to see if spots become available.


Is there a class cancellation policy?

Classes cancelled less than 12 hours prior to the start of the class incur the full cost of the session.


How far in advance can I sign up for a class?

If it’s on the schedule, it’s fair game.


If I bought the early bird classes, how do I add them to my account?

Our staff will check early-bird signups and handle transferals to the new system upon coming to your first session.


Can I bring a friend? Do you have a referral program?

Yes. We offer a two class introductory special for $30 for new members/friends. If you have a question or special circumstance with a guest or visitor, contact us. We’ll work with you.

For every year-long contract you refer, you will get one month’s membership reimbursed to your account.


How can I reserve a class?

From our homepage, click Sign Up Now

Select the Class

Log into your MindBody Account

Purchase class credit

Make a single or recurring reservation


If you have any further questions, Please feel free to contact us.