N-Flux Intensive Program


Our belief in fitness that matters is one that we all share in the N-Flux community.  For most this belief is one that is lived casually, a pursuit fit tightly into an already busy schedule.   For a select few of you, however, there is a desire to live this idea more fully.  Our intensive programs provide a space for those people who want to take that next step.  These are monthly weekend long trainings that go beyond learning to just be safer and fitter.  You will not just learn self defense but also learn to understand what we are doing well enough to take charge of your own development as well as to teach to others.  You will learn to take control of your fitness development as well as how to help others to develop theirs.  All this we filter through a philosophy that allows us to better engage the world more rationally, compassionately and confidently. 

Intensive 1

Intensive 1 takes us through the first half of the N-Flux path with a focus on developing a base level of physical fitness, learning the history of martial arts & fitness, developing a greater understanding of self defense and how we approach it as well as our philosophical foundation to help us to stay the course.  Martial Arts & Self Defense skills developed will include:

  • Levels 1-3 of FTF Defensive Options Training
  • Levels 1-3 of N-Flux Urban Ninja Training
  • Boxing Sparring
  • Clinch Sparring
  • Kickboxing Sparring
  • Fundamentals of No-Gi Grappling Sparring

Intensive 2

Intensive 2 builds on the first intensive to develop advanced skills in traditional areas of fitness, advanced self defense & martial arts skills to include: 

  • Levels 4-6 of FTF Defensive Options Training
  • Levels 4-6 of N-Flux Urban Ninja Training
  • Full MMA Sparring
  • Competitive No-Gi Jiu Jitsu
  • Offensive & Defensive Weapons Training
  • Basic Emergency Medical Services

In every community there are those who passively pursue the community’s ideals, there are those who actively pursue those ideals and then there are those for whom the ideal is a calling.....a purpose to be fulfilled.  N-Fluxers in the first category tend to train 1-3 times a week for about an hour each day.  Our more active N-Fluxers tend to train 3-5 days a week from 1 to 3 hours each day.  These N-Fluxers may even compete from time to time to test themselves and take a workshop from time to time as well.  Then there are our zealots.  These people train daily, they train on their own, they attend workshops regularly.  If they compete then they do it regularly.  It is for these people that we have our N-Flux Intensive Trainings.  These trainings have two tiers.  The first tier is about developing a firm foundation as well as the ability to understand developing that foundation to potentially help others in their development in the future.  This foundation includes fundamental skill development in all areas of N-Flux fitness development (traversing, weightlifting, self defense & mobility), developing an understanding of how to develop these skills effectively for yourself and others, and developing an understanding of the philosophy we use to help us to keep moving forward.  Successfully completing the first tier will leave each N-Fluxer more capable of growing their fitness abilities and more capable of helping others with the same.  The second tier builds on the first. Here we take things to the next level.  These N-Fluxers will build on their previous foundation.  Self Defense work will include weapons disarms as well as offensive weapons.  Traversing, weightlifting and mobility levels are pushed even further.  

N-Fluxers understand that physical fitness in the biological sense is not marked by a particular aesthetic.  It has historically been marked by three things; the skills required to survive, the physical conditioning to repeatedly implement these skills and a philosophy of life that allows us to to develop the ability to implement these skills efficiently and effectively in the interests of ourselves and our various communities.  At N-Flux, we view the primary skill categories to be Traversing (run, jump, climb, crawl, walk, swim), Weightlifting (push, pull, carry, throw), Self Defense (fighting, diplomacy, profiling and proficiency in the first two skill sets).  


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